KaratBars International Tips and Training (Merchants) #1

Hello KaratBars Family 

This website is for you and people you will no doubt be bringing into KaratBars, working with, helping, think of blueprints. Follow along as I describe the plans, details, thinking, tools (video’s, brochures, events, have been created and are being created). There are several ways to get the KaratBars program and opportunity in front of people.

There is potential for anyone to make a lot of money with KaratBars!

Keys to your success, tap in to the culture and heart beat of KaratBars, (applied knowledge is power).

All other gold companies are into selling gold. KaratBars is into USING Gold!! 

Karatbars K-Exchange merchants program.

Get back to whoever referred you here to create a free account.

 The following gives an idea or template to be able to create a Notice or poster, permission may be required by KaratBars Corporate office to okay it. What I’m doing and helping my junior partners to do is creating business cards free to churches, merchants with relative links and information, this makes it easy for everyone. The best part of this is the church or merchant will not waste time and will slowly begin to see how good KaratBars is, they will see an income stream developing and will naturally want to become more involved.


To our valued customers we have something important we want to share with you.

We don’t believe we have to tell you about the economy, several States are passing legislation making gold and silver legal tender, we believe it’s because the you know what is about to hit the fan. We have discovered the best solution we believe there is to date, it’s “currency gold” in 1 Gram units. We’ve created a free account (you can too). KaratBars International is the name of the company. Vatican and HMQ Queen both entered licensing agreements for (Limited Edition Specialty Cards), credibility should not be an issue one of the top independent consumer watchdogs in Europe also highly recommends them, (BDS). KaratBars with 27 companies in business 17 years, debt free, fully self funded.
LBMA Certified weight purity, tamper/counterfeit proof.

A few url’s where you will be able to check online and see for yourself, we highly suggest you do (lots of video’s). It’s brilliant it’s a “world first”. Gold bullion back shopping rewards program gold (deposited directly into your account), acceptance points 100% gold transactions both ways, online and offline, much like having an online bank account only using real physical gold (sound money), not gold backed (it is gold). KaratBars International is a Global Currency Exchange System and more. No one spends anything (gold is real money). Convert/exchange currency, (bad to good). 1 gram at a time if you wish larger one time exchanges/funding as well. Why KaratBars Why Now… http://karatbarswhy.com (Most detailed). Online (customer) Site… http://www.karatbars.com Merchants personalized Domain name… xxxxx here xxxxx (Registration) Support and help available in several ways (be sure to bookmark save info in safe place).

Merchants personalized domain names…what it is…how it works. Why I’m doing my KaratBars business this way.

A 3rd party marketing system is available for KaratBars members called Priceless Possibilities. The system allows for unlimited sub-domain names to be used. For example my domain name…kbgoldway.com … this can be prefixed with merchants name business name etc…the shorter easier to remember the better. Example: crgrocergold.kbgoldway.com

The beauty of the marketing system is each domain is separate, separate e-mailings can be made for each merchants customers. The marketing system is equipped with auto-responder messages as well for everyone that comes in. Everyone coming into your marketing system, you will know where to place them (with which merchant). The marketing system tracks and keeps all in order.

Like anything new (including marketing system) you have to get in it play with it set it up the way you like, it is a “great” system I’ve had mine a year now. Here is link to system below so you can have a look, the price is very reasonable for what your getting $30 a month, when you introduce 3 paying customers yours becomes free. With what I have planned for the near future I cannot imagine what I would do without it and on top of that merchants will like the features, (very professional and impressive possibilities) yes waiting to happen,  you will become confident in what your doing.

Marketing website www.KaratbarSystem.com

If you would like to get the KaratBars Marketing System, to be fair contact your sponsor, senior partners, they will be happy to help you.

Tracking with me so far on how and why?

Merchants are usually very bright people, here’s why it will not be hard to get your first merchant, they will understand the potential if you explain it properly (DO NOT OVER DO IT) use the tools (video’s) as much as possible. Something this big should not be explained all at once, little at a time easy does it build trust (you will need to get your head around it first, STUDY ) The first and foremost thing the merchant is going to like is  alternative currency (real sound money), new revenue stream.

They will be providing real value for their customers at no cost in a very simple effective way, they will also be creating a revenue stream for themselves. Third, you’re set up (with marketing system) to do the work for them (so very little falls on them) they continue to do what they do, they also will be able to see what’s happening in their back office whenever they want to.

Merchants will begin to see the real value of what we and they have, all merchants have suppliers, wholesalers, the merchant will want them in on this so they can all stay in business and so on. Soon when the first few in begin to see the value and benefits (earnings they can make), my point is the first merchants to come in will get the lions share of what’s going to be coming behind them. People (customers) will also be sharing with other people as well, (some becoming affiliates). People will begin to see the gold KaratBars being transacted.

The merchants coming in behind (under) the first merchant have only one person they can go to, they will want a domain name and someone that has the marketing system that makes it all work placing merchants under existing merchants (someone that knows how to make it all work and has the tools) that’s you and the people you are working with.

I’m excited about this, everyday day that goes by the need for what we have increases. More and more people are beginning to see it.

We created this site as a tool we believe you may like to use to send prospects to.

To get in touch with us for more information Contact in side menu, you will still need to get back to who referred you here to create your free account.

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KaratBars and Church, Tips and Training

What is the Church? 

“Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service,” Romans 12:1.

Many believe “Church” is a building. Truth is the Church is made up of “believers”, also known as the “body of Christ”. There is no such thing as a Christian, people trying to become Christians would be more accurate, personal relationship with Christ, walking with the Lord, (not ahead of, not behind). Know that, we all sin but are not all “sinners”!

This post has been put together with the hope of sharing wisdom and accessible wealth with everyone that comes in contact with this. Glory be to God the Father in Jesus name.

Simple winning plan for the Church… (believers).

KaratBars (the company) is making history (new… and witty), what KaratBars International has done, is doing, has never been done before. Unique, in several different ways, we are creating the patterns/templates/processes where there were none, very important. This is a no brainer as they say, I wanted to try clarify some things to show a clear as possible picture.

Who’s “Church” (believers)? Christ’s!

Why… “Who’s Church” (believers)? Christ’s!”… very important!  The Greatest Commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul”.

Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s can be 100% “independent” , (nothing should come between  them, any believer and the Lord).

~Ask God through Jesus to get you out of the waiting & slavery game.. You are chosen & qualified to do this before our Creator. Oh the tangled web we weave. It only appears that the satanic spirits are taking control. They are not.. I repeat ..They will not & have not. You make the choice of the chains that have put you behind your imaginary bars. ~Kelly Ann Pope

Karatbars account.. free, lowest priced best gold in the world guaranteed.

Gold bullion back shopping rewards program coming soon to North America, currently in Europe, again free. People can create a business of their own with KaratBars as an affiliate free, no costs, website fees, obligations. If people want a Customer account only, their choice.

Getting set up, what you (KaratBar affiliate) need to be doing. Knowledge of KaratBars International, this comes from being plugged into KaratBars, everything anyone needs is here, training, webinars, recorded webinars, websites, conference calls (live and recorded), we have several groups Facebook and Skype available (highly recommended). http://www.karatbarsintro.com

Example of post in one of our Karatbars groups from today…

[4:28:38 PM] Cherylanne Gober: [4:09 PM] Wally Pieper:

<<< In View of Bernake’s “All In” decision today of $40B/wk of MBS purchases, These Quotes are more than appropriate.

Quotes of the Day…

“Gold was not selected arbitrarily by governments to be the monetary standard. Gold had developed for many centuries on the free market as the best money; as the commodity providing the most stable and desirable monetary medium.” — Murray N. Rothbard

“The history of fiat money is little more than a register of monetary follies and inflations. Our present age merely affords another entry in this dismal register.” — Hans F. Sennholz

With all the above in mind, the strategy for KaratBars affiliates and the Church.

When a KaratBars affiliate has learned enough about KaratBars and is ready, there is a 3rd party Karatbars Marketing system available, optional. It’s what you can do with this system that matters, there is a minimal cost, ($30 month, refer 3 free, first week free), unlimited sub-domain names, efficiency, control, you will be glad you have it, makes everything work with this developed strategy. To acquire a marketing system talk to your senior partners, ask in our groups, we are family.

The beauty of KaratBars along with this marketing system and strategy. You do the work for Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s, which is actually easy, (they don’t have the time it takes to become overly involved), this way…all they have to do is create their free account, give out business cards… you create sub-domain name they want (in your marketing system), next you create for them and have delivered to them, their/your personalized business cards. VistaPrint is an online business card company specializing in exactly this, again a minimal cost, absolutely worth it.

Here is an example business card.

This is amazingly simple, Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s that join will have a KaratBars back office where they can “see” what’s taking place. When they have 20 euros in earnings coming, triggers debit card coming in mail to them, earnings loaded on debit card regularly.

The only thing needs to be told, (make aware of is), when they find other, Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s that are interested have them contact you directly (your information is on business cards) you can do the same for these Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s, create account, place under Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s (which ever one referred them) create sub-domain name, business cards. Bring them into the fold and blessings that will naturally flow with it, there will be some very large blessings coming out of this. More than they or you can imagine at this time.

What is it that everyone is going to like about this? Simple fool proof easy plan, absolutely everyone wins, the Church (believers) get a free financial education and real benefits that come from it, we are truly helping wake up Christ’s Church, “my people perish from lack of knowledge”. Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s all want their flock’s to have financial understanding and live the life Jesus intended for them, at the same time these people usually don’t like talking money because it can create problems…good..bad..right..wrong..indifferent. Problems now solved for everyone and everyone wins. KaratBars International is the solution, everyone that looks into this will not doubt it.

Pastor’s, Reverend’s, Chaplin’s will immediately see what a blessing this is, I have no doubt people will be coming to them asking for a business card. I had a meeting with a Reverend, showed him what it’s about on my computer, how it works, took him through the links, played a few video’s so he could see the quality of information people will be getting, when he left my house he was ecstatic, he loved it, simple… as giving someone a business card.

This post link posted in our KaratBars groups. KaratBars is going where we take it…Comments suggestions welcome. I’m sharing what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, nobody has to follow me, free will is a wonderful thing. Thank you.

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Real success is created (Planned)

Success with KaratBars comes easily for many reasons. A few of the major reasons are first class (proven) management, a category creator, need not want, brilliant idea (business model), no real competition. KaratBars truly is for the masses.

Why You Need A Karatbars Account

Right NOW is the perfect time for KaratBars and you.

Not get rich quick scheme, KaratBars is a proven success already expanding rapidly worldwide, free to join (no costs whatsoever for anyone). Customers, affiliates and merchants welcome to join.

How Success comes with KaratBars? What it takes?

Believe you can be successful, because you can, almost anyone can with KaratBars (no special skills are required). Here are the first few steps in a nut shell, join, connect, learn what KaratBars is about, several KaratBars groups have been created designed to inform, train, answer Q&A. We really need people to create new locations for KaratBars worldwide, we’re not out to make a dime off anyone, this is a proven fact, how many businesses are you aware of that can make this claim?

Merchants need only get connected with the affiliate they joined through. The affiliate supports the merchants.

There is a lot happening at KaratBars, it is unique, unlike anything before it (history making). A simple physical gold savings program available for customers with many added benefits not offered by any other gold company.

An outstanding (lucrative) affiliate program for anyone looking for a great business opportunity. People that join KaratBars and get involved love everything about it. The advice I give to everyone is do your due diligence on KaratBars because when people do they will see what they have their hands on, the value they can offer people, the value they can have access to themselves, the value to society, the need for Karatbars, most of all they will see and know without doubt KaratBars is soon to become a household name.

KaratBars is growing and changing constantly while it does, there are many things happening at once leading to it getting better all the time. The goal is to make gold available and affordable to the masses and this is what’s happening. To be successful with KaratBars requires getting plugged in, turned on and becoming active, that’s it, the rest will fall into place if you keep going and don’t stop.

Success to me is being independently wealthy. This is the reason I joined KaratBars, I can do it (transport driver 36 years) so can you. It’s available for the taking, it’s the right thing to do morally and there are no negative “conscience” effects attached to KaratBars, nobody loses, there is no downside. We are all winners.

Get back to who referred you here to create your free account you will be glad you did.  

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KaratBars International Tips and Training (Promoting Tool) # 2

Hi Everyone,

The following is a simple plan affiliate partners can do. Employment offices, job fairs, put up, hand out any place where people can see it, we are able to help (no risks) the large numbers of unemployed. Feel free to copy and use with your information. This should fit nicely on 8.5 x 11 Right click and save as…on photos.

Online and Offline Work
KaratBars International (No Costs) Business Opportunity
Part Time Full Time (You’re the Boss)

Karatbars International? World’s FIRST “Spendable” Gold! Free Gold Bullion Savings Accounts.We have everything you need to build your KaratBars business location. No tricks gimmicks, absolutely free opportunity; many are already successfully doing it worldwide.
KaratBars Gold is an affordable gram size, Remove the word Job from you’re vocabulary; Learn what residual income for life is, and not being limited any longer by a set hourly wage. Your welcome to join us in this successful and fast growing exciting worldwide revolution. Gold is the Future!
Join free, customers, merchants and affiliates @ xxxxxxxxxxxxx
More information @ http://karatbarswhy.com
Contact: xxxxxx   Phone xxxxxxxxx   email xxxxxxxxxxx

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