Crypto Currency Now Gold Backed

Global Coin Reserve is doing a World First

First ever world wide non-corrupted monetary system. If you’re wise you’ll get what this means. I been shocked and amazed at the same time. For the first time in man kinds history, it’s a first, go back to Roman time’s coin clipping, where people would take a very small clipping of a coin or government would dilute the precious metals.


This looks to me like a giant success story is emerging. The people will love this, or at least a society of informed people. There will be millionaires overnight with this endeavor, there is still time.


An entire “one place” Corporation is set and ready to go.  Gold exchanges, Forex, MLM networking system separate from a Cloud mining service. The Face Book, Skype, Linkedin, etc…all up and running with the first of the wise people that envision the future, Bitcoin has blazed a trail a community of people has comme together to make it all possible.

PayPal accepting Bitcoin, 10’s of 1000’s of businesses are already loving it. Pennies or zero transaction fees, a lot at stake here. Free market vs manipulated markets, yes we win more than one way.

Maybe for the first time ever Gold has a run for it’s money

Please share this with you’re friends they’ll love you for it.

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Real success is created (Planned)

Success with KaratBars comes easily for many reasons. A few of the major reasons are first class (proven) management, a category creator, need not want, brilliant idea (business model), no real competition. KaratBars truly is for the masses.

Why You Need A Karatbars Account

Right NOW is the perfect time for KaratBars and you.

Not get rich quick scheme, KaratBars is a proven success already expanding rapidly worldwide, free to join (no costs whatsoever for anyone). Customers, affiliates and merchants welcome to join.

How Success comes with KaratBars? What it takes?

Believe you can be successful, because you can, almost anyone can with KaratBars (no special skills are required). Here are the first few steps in a nut shell, join, connect, learn what KaratBars is about, several KaratBars groups have been created designed to inform, train, answer Q&A. We really need people to create new locations for KaratBars worldwide, we’re not out to make a dime off anyone, this is a proven fact, how many businesses are you aware of that can make this claim?

Merchants need only get connected with the affiliate they joined through. The affiliate supports the merchants.

There is a lot happening at KaratBars, it is unique, unlike anything before it (history making). A simple physical gold savings program available for customers with many added benefits not offered by any other gold company.

An outstanding (lucrative) affiliate program for anyone looking for a great business opportunity. People that join KaratBars and get involved love everything about it. The advice I give to everyone is do your due diligence on KaratBars because when people do they will see what they have their hands on, the value they can offer people, the value they can have access to themselves, the value to society, the need for Karatbars, most of all they will see and know without doubt KaratBars is soon to become a household name.

KaratBars is growing and changing constantly while it does, there are many things happening at once leading to it getting better all the time. The goal is to make gold available and affordable to the masses and this is what’s happening. To be successful with KaratBars requires getting plugged in, turned on and becoming active, that’s it, the rest will fall into place if you keep going and don’t stop.

Success to me is being independently wealthy. This is the reason I joined KaratBars, I can do it (transport driver 36 years) so can you. It’s available for the taking, it’s the right thing to do morally and there are no negative “conscience” effects attached to KaratBars, nobody loses, there is no downside. We are all winners.

Get back to who referred you here to create your free account you will be glad you did.  

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KaratBars International Tips and Training (Promoting Tool) # 2

Hi Everyone,

The following is a simple plan affiliate partners can do. Employment offices, job fairs, put up, hand out any place where people can see it, we are able to help (no risks) the large numbers of unemployed. Feel free to copy and use with your information. This should fit nicely on 8.5 x 11 Right click and save as…on photos.

Online and Offline Work
KaratBars International (No Costs) Business Opportunity
Part Time Full Time (You’re the Boss)

Karatbars International? World’s FIRST “Spendable” Gold! Free Gold Bullion Savings Accounts.We have everything you need to build your KaratBars business location. No tricks gimmicks, absolutely free opportunity; many are already successfully doing it worldwide.
KaratBars Gold is an affordable gram size, Remove the word Job from you’re vocabulary; Learn what residual income for life is, and not being limited any longer by a set hourly wage. Your welcome to join us in this successful and fast growing exciting worldwide revolution. Gold is the Future!
Join free, customers, merchants and affiliates @ xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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